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Plantar Fasciitis Kit — includes 3 trigger point tools:

  1. The Roadster 11" Tiger Tail
  2. The Tiger Ball 1.7"
  3. Happy Muscles Book

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Are you ready to arm yourself with an arsenal of knot-busting tools? 
The Plantar Fasciitis Kit - is the perfect "prescription" for working out muscle knots. In the massage industry, the common, descriptive word for a muscle knot is trigger point.


The Roadster 11" Tiger Tail® is powerfully portable. Your new travel companion. All the power of the Tiger Tail Portable Foam Roller in  a smaller package. The Tiger Tail Roadster can go anywhere. Packs easily into sports bags, travel bags, cars…even in office drawers. Plus it’s a fantastic foot massager!  Cushioned foam center spins. 11.5” long, 7.25” massage surface. ( Each handle is 2” long.)

The Smaller Tiger Ball 1.7" Massage-On-A-Rope. This tool is perfect for smaller muscles such as feet. Simply press the ball into the muscle, lean up against a wall or lie down on the ground. Perfect for busting out knots, trigger points and sore muscles in the back, shoulders, piriformis, legs, and other spots that want deep pressure. 1.7” massage surface.

The Happy Muscles™ self-help book is perfect if you're having trouble locating the trigger points causing your pain. More than 260 pain mapping illustrations with help guide you to the knot causing your pain. 

Are you ready to make today a happy muscle day?