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T-1000™ Vibration Massage Gun

$299.00 In Stock

The T-1000 Vibration Massager is a state-of-the-art, cordless massage device designed to deliver tapotement/percussion massage technique that helps reduce sore muscles, relieve knots, trigger points, muscle cramps and soreness in the muscles. T-1000 Vibration Massager delivers and is perfect for Myofascial Release, Trigger Point Therapy, Tension, and Stress Relief, Sore Muscle Relief, and Minor Muscle Cramping Relief

PLEASE NOTE: Before beginning any type of massage therapy or treatment, seek the advice of a physician.

The T-1000 Vibration Massager is a state-of-the-art, cordless massage device designed to deliver a tapotement/percussion massage technique that helps reduce sore muscles, relieve knots/trigger points, and soothe muscle cramps.

Tapotement is a massage technique that involves the rhythmical tapping of the soft tissues. The benefits of tapotement/percussion massage techniques include; stimulating soft tissues, improving circulation, toning muscles and skin, softening adipose (fatty) tissue and cellulite, and aggressively strengthening deep-tissue muscles.

T-1000 Vibration Massager is perfect for:

  • Myofascial Release

  • Muscle Knot Release

  • Trigger Point Therapy

  • Self-Help Massage Therapy

  • Tension and Stress Relief

  • Tight Muscle Relief

  • Sore Muscle Relief

  • Minor Muscle Cramping Relief

Product Features

  1. Quiet TigerPRR® Technology (<45dB approx.)

  2. 8+Hour Battery Life (with Cordless/Rechargeable Tesla® Battery Technology)

  3. 3 Speeds/Frequencies: 30Hz/1800RPM, 40Hz/2400RPM, 48Hz/2900RPM

  4. 72mN/m High Torque Output with High-Performance Brushless Motor

  5. Seven (7) Attachments with Soft Cushioned Tips

  6. Includes: One (1) Special Fascia Tip Specifically for Myofascial Release

  7. Lightweight, Ergonomic Design Reduces Hand/Body Fatigue (only 1.9lbs/machine only)
    T-1000 T2 Instructions

Tiger Tail products are known for built-in Signature Gription® Technology, and the T-1000 is no exception. With GRIPTION technology incorporated into each attachment, each tip delivers deep grip and friction to help dig into the muscle and bust out muscle knots. Our specially designed tips are unique and proprietary to Tiger Tail because each is specially designed with a surface softens pressure on the skin while gripping the fascia and muscles. Our tools move these tissues together and away from each other to enable myofascial release like no other tool on the market can. In addition, the cushioned tips help dampen the force applied on both the muscle and fascia, which delivers a deep, yet gentle, compression.

Thumb – Best used on those pesky muscle knots (aka muscle trigger points) that just need some encouragement to go away. The Thumb tip helps the machine focus deep compression and action on muscle knots that just won’t let go.
Flat  – Sometimes muscle knots are so sensitive, the Flat tip is all the pressure you can take. Use this tip to help work on areas that want compression to help heal, but the Thumb tip (and others) deliver too much pressure.
Knuckle – The Knuckle tip features an air cushion to help work on more sensitive muscle problems, or on people who want less dramatic compression. This is our most gentle tip which is perfect for the neck, shoulders, feet, and other areas that want a softer sense of relief.
Wedge – Think of the Wedge as a fascia stretching tool. The Wedge tip helps lift the fascia off of the muscle while delivering traction on the skin. This tool seems to work best on the fastest RPM setting. With almost a skin “scraping” action, the tool vibrates relief while it lifts and “unsticks” the fascia from the skin and muscles. Perfect for your forearms, back, IT bands, calves, and other areas needing a good stretch.
Fork – The dual-pronged Fork tip allows you to target muscle groups, like the spine, without putting compression on your bones. Works really great when your buddy does the work for you.
Fascia Curve – Sometimes our pain is all fascia related, meaning surface work is all you need. The Fascia Curve is a great multipurpose tip that helps deliver surface-level compression to help you focus on fascia problems just beneath the skin and above the muscle.
Ball – This firm foam Ball tip is the most muscle-versatile tip in the kit. This design allows the machine to perform deep compressions on the muscles and fascia, while the circumference of the Ball prevents the tip from “going too deep.” Designed to treat both large and medium group muscles, most enjoy this tip on muscles including shoulders, neck, hips, glutes, quads, hamstrings, and the back.


  • 8” Long, 10″ Height (Carrying Case – 16″ Long, 12″ Width, 3″ depth)
  • 7 Different Massage Head Accessories
  • 1.9 Lbs (Machine Weight without Attachments)
  • No-Hassle, One-Year Warranty

Who Can Benefit

Someone looking for a tapotement/percussion massage technique that is super quick and easy to use on yourself. No buddy required unless you need to massage the unreachable part of your back. Top athletes, yard work warriors, and pretty much anyone with muscles will love this tool.

Where Does It Work Best

This device works on any muscle group. With the device powered on to your desired Massage Mode and RPM Level, apply the Massage Head to your muscle group needing a massage. Lightly apply pressure and move across the body and muscle areas for approximately three (3) sets of 30 seconds per muscle area. Apply additional massage applications to your muscle areas as needed. Avoid using over bones or sensitive tendons.  You are the best judge of which Massage Mode, RPM Level, amount of pressure, and length of massage application you should use.


Tiger Tail electric/battery operated products are warranted for a period of one year from the date of purchase. We offer a 30-day money-back guarantee from the date of purchase, thereafter we provide a replacement for all warranty claims. For more details, please visit our warranty page.

  • Pre-activity: Warm up muscles and help prepare muscles for activity by massaging each muscle group 15-30 seconds.
  • During activity: Use the device to help relieve minor muscle problems that might feel like: aches, soreness and tightness.
  • Post-activity: Use the device to help prevent minor aches, soreness and discomfort.
  • 1
    Fully charge the battery for six hours before the first use. After the first full 6-hour charge, the battery can be recharged at any time and at any battery level. Do not operate the T-1000 during charge mode and only use the charger supplied with your device. Other chargers may be harmful to your device.
  • 2
    The On/Off switch is located on the top of the handle of your device. Push and hold the “on” button until the device is activated. The first speed setting is 30Hz/1800RPM.
  • 3
    Press the "On" button again to increase the speed to the second speed setting (40Hz/2400RPM). You can not decrease the speed of the device, you can only increase it. Pressing the "On" button once again increase the speed to the third and final speed setting (48Hz/2900RPM).
  • 4
    Press the "On" button one last time after the third speed setting will stop the device.
  • 5
    Lightly apply pressure and move across the body and muscle areas for approximately three (3) sets of 30 seconds per muscle area. Apply additional massage applications to your muscle areas as needed. Use the device only on muscle groups. Avoid using over bones or sensitive tendons. You are the best judge of how much pressure you should apply and length of massage applications.
  • 6
    Do not use on injured areas if it is uncomfortable. Keep fingers, hair and/or any other body part away from the shaft of the moving Massage Head during operation. Check treated areas frequently and immediately stop if you become uncomfortable or there is a sign of unusual or unexpected pain or discomfort. Do not use on head/skull.
  • 7
    To change the Massage Head, power off your device. Remove Massage Head by pulling it straight out of the device, gently but firmly. It is a snug fit design. Replace Massage Head by pushing the selected head in, gently but firmly.

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