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    Whether you fall or not, snowboarding is a high impact sport, and the more you push yourself to become a better rider, the more you slam in the process. The Tiger Tail lineup is the best range of massage tools an athlete could hope to travel with – like taking a personal deep tissue masseuse with you wherever you go. 
    The Tiger Ball saved me a few times last winter. My first day filming in Alaska, first run of the trip, an avalanche broke off above me in the crux of the run and blindly ejected me four stories off a cliff and onto my back. I picked myself up and rode to the bottom of the run, and as the adrenaline pulsing through me began to shut down, my back and neck immediately stiffened up and began to lightly spasm. 
    After the guide did a little touch and feel on my spine, I decided to take the rest of the day off. I went straight back to the hotel and started stretching and leaning against the wall with the Tiger Ball to prevent my back from completely seizing up. The rope makes it easy to move the ball around and pinpoint all the knotted up spots on your back, neck, shoulders, and hips. You just lean as hard as you can bear into the hot spots, breath, and try to imagine the muscle melting. Two days later I was still generally sore but my back and neck felt good enough to go snowboard again. It turned out to be one of the best days of my winter, and I directly thank the Tiger Ball for keeping me loose enough to go out and preform after what could have been a trip ending bail. 
    For everything I love to do – snowboarding, surfing, skateboarding, mt. biking –Tiger Tail massage tools keep my body tuned up and ready to send it!! 


    Blair Habenicht
    Professional Snowboarder

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    Customer Tales
  • Hundreds of thousands of Tiger Tail muscle massagers have been sold in the US and around the world. Our products are chosen by and trusted by million dollar muscles. Here is just a handful of the many quotes we get from our customers.

    After not working out for several months and just now getting back into my strong & fit labs (nicer way of saying killer bootcamps) your Tiger Tail has saved my life. It has allowed me to move through the lactic acid in less time and get back in the gym. Thanks for a great product!   

     – Sydney T., Seattle, WA

  • I LOVE my Tiger Tail!!! I've had it for over a year and use it every time I play soccer. My teammates (who haven't already purchased one) always ask to use it. I "roll out" my legs before every game and what a difference it makes. I became a believer after having hamstring pain – I stretched for 20 minutes before my game and still had pain&hellipI then used the Tiger Tail for about 15 seconds and was able to play the rest of the game pain free. Again, I LOVE my Tiger Tail!! I've also given a few as gifts and the recipients have been thrilled with it too.

    – Beth B. Redmond, WA

  • The pain in my knee nearly took me out of the marathon I had trained months for. I wasn’t able to run for the past three weeks, and was fearful the pain would keep me from running my race. At the race expo the day before the race, Spring helped me find the trigger point that was causing my pain. I worked that trigger point out with her at the expo and several times the rest of the day. Because of the Tiger Tail—and Spring the “miracle woman”—I ran my personal best the very next day. Spring will always be Miracle Woman.

    – Luis D., St. Louis, MO

  • The Tiger Tail is like a massage therapist on a stick!

    Marathon Maniac Eric B., Boston Marathon