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Bustle (December 20, 2018)

51 Five-Star Products On Amazon That Thousands Of Reviewers Are Right To Love

There’s no faster way to determine whether a product is worth your time and money than by pouring over reviews, especially when you’re shopping on Amazon. Reviews are worth their weight in gold, which is why these five-star products on Amazon that thousands of reviewers are right to love deserve your consideration. These products are pulled from a diverse range of categories, but all share two things in common: they’re (relatively) affordable and their reviews are off-the-charts amazing.

What makes these random but brilliant useful products such winners? Most of them are simple, and simply do exactly what they were designed to do. A selection of odd kitchen products like a rice washing bowl or a magnetic knife block that mounts to the wall may not be items you think about all day long — but once you own them you’ll agree they save you time, space, and can help you cook meals without mess and hassle.

1. This Pain-Relieving Massage Roller For Stiff Joints & Aching Muscles

Relieve aching and fatigued muscles with this simple but effective foam massage roller — which measures 18 inches and can be used on every part of your body. The massage stick has soft handles that are easy to grip, and reviewers say that using it before or in between exercises like running really helps keep their muscles free of pain.