“Sore muscles are an inevitable yet unfortunate part of working out. Since most people don’t have a masseuse on staff, a foam roller is a good self-service alternative.”

“Tiger Tail’s Rolling Muscle Massager is a handheld roller that’s designed for pros but is easy enough for anyone to use. Made from a closed-cell foam that’s latex and rubber free, it has a special double-handle grip to save hands from fatigue and offer better pressure distribution to get those painful knots out quickly. The grip also includes a built-in thumb design to work specific trigger points.

The Tiger Tail’s solid design has no balls or spindles to pinch skin or pull hair, and it keeps its shape for longtime use. Not sure of the best way to hit your target spots? The massager comes with an illustrated instruction guide that covers the most common problem areas.

The massager includes a three-year warranty and is manufactured in Seattle.

It’s available in an 18-inch “Classic” model for $29.95 and a 22-inch “The Long One” model for $34.95. To purchase online or find a list of retailers, visit tigertailusa.com. Also available at REI and Sports Authority.”

McClatchy-Tribune News Service
Published: October 19, 2013


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