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Arm & Finger Muscle Knots

Arm & Finger Muscle Knots

Forearm Pain
The forearm consists of many muscles that can be categorized as flexors and extensors. Pain in the forearm can originate from muscle knots in muscles located in the neck, shoulder, upper arm, and chest. Pain or discomfort in the forearm can be felt on the sides, top, and bottom of the forearm. Common injuries associated with muscles of the forearm are Tennis Elbow and Carpel Tunnel.

You may feel Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Tennis elbow, or Golfer’s elbow. These may be caused by Gripping an object too tight, holding onto an object for an extended period of time, overuse or repetitive use, and throwing injuries.









Upper Arm Pain
Many of the muscles that attach to the neck and shoulder will refer pain to the upper arm. Muscle knots in the scalene muscles of the neck can cause pain in the upper arm. The two main muscles of the upper arm: The Biceps Brachii muscle is on the front of the upper arm. This muscle allows the elbow to bend. The Triceps Brachii muscle on the back of the arm allows the elbow to straighten. Muscle knots in the belly of these muscles cause pain in the upper arm.

You may feel pain or discomfort lifting the arm to the front or to the side, pain or discomfort bending the elbow, discomfort in the back of the upper arm, discomfort when holding something like a bag of groceries for prolonged periods of time. These may be caused by hard serving in tennis, lifting heavy objects with the palm of the hand in an upward position, overuse of crutches, or using a cane that is too long.









Elbow Pain
Elbow pain is a common complaint among athletes, especially throwers and those who play racquet sports. Muscle knots in the neck, shoulder, back, and forearm can contribute to elbow pain.

You may feel tennis elbow, golfer’s elbow (Tricep, Flexors of the forearm), restricted range of motion like bending or-straightening elbow. These may be caused by carrying heavy objects for extended periods of time, overuse, injury, repetitive use, or using a cane that is too long.









Wrist Pain
Wrist pain is typically categorized by limited range-of-motion and weakness caused by muscle knots in the forearm flexor and extensor muscles. The wrist has four basic functions: moving the hand towards the body, moving the hand away from the body, and moving to the left and to the right. Examples of movements of the wrist include knocking on a door and those movements used in sports such as hitting a tennis ball or swinging a golf club.

You may feel band of pain around the wrist or Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. These may be caused by weakness of forearm extensor and flexor muscles, immobilization, gripping too tight , or prolonged use of a computer keyboard.









Hand, Finger, and Thumb Pain
The flexors allow for grasping of things or bringing the fingers together to form or make a fist. The extensors allow the fingers to spread open as to indicate a count of five. Pain in the fingers can originate from muscle knots in the neck, shoulder, upper arm, forearm, and chest.

You may feel prickling pain in the palm of the hand, finger stiffness. These may be caused by forceful use of scissors, gripping objects too tight, rounded shoulders, Head forward posture, or carrying heavy objects.









The following are the most common referred pain in the Arm and Finger: